The Challenge: Before coming to Doculink, Mondelez International – one of the fastest-growing food manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand – had a problem: New employees were being sent their employment contracts through the mail – a process so slow these employees would find themselves in their new job before the paperwork could be completed. 

They were without business cards, without a phone line, and even without an email address and online access. One of the biggest issues was the employees didn’t know that, in order to kick-start the internal processes, they needed to sign, seal and deliver their contracts ASAP.

Doculink was given the task of finding a way to speed up the internal process, get the employees well and truly on board, and make them feel welcome.

The Solution: Taking the bull by the horns, Doculink began a two-stage process to get this integral part of the Monelez machine as well-oiled as the rest of it.

The first goal was to get the turnaround time to under ten days and personalise the employee experience. To do this, we developed a new welcome pack – a professionally designed gift box delivered to the employee’s homes that included Mondelez products, along with an introduction and the necessary paperwork. 
This communication pushed the importance of returning the contract on time while welcoming them into the fold. The pack could be ordered online through Doculink by the HR Department to ensure quick turnaround.
It did the trick but we thought we could go one step better.

The second stage was for us to take full responsibility of developing and managing the process end-to-end. We came up with a new procedure – a fully integrated web–based solution for employee contracts that would make the process completely paperless. The employees could sign and return their contracts electronically and, in conjunction with the welcome pack, new employees could have the smoothest of transitions into their new jobs.

The Result: Not only did we hit the target of reducing the process time to less than 10 days, we managed to speed it up to a 48-hour turnaround, making the employees happy and making Mondelez an even better place to work.