The Challenge: The folks over at Australia Post are some of the busiest and hardest working in the country. They’re also great at what they do. And, while their postal services are top-notch, not so long ago they found they needed a solution for a different kind of problem.

For years, the retail arm of Australia Post has been growing and growing, and while the products in the post offices were flying off the shelves, they weren’t being replaced nearly as quickly as they should have been. Of greatest importance were their postal bags, boxes and post packs. They had a solution for printing but ordering and distribution was yet to be centralised.

Head offices in each state would place the orders on behalf of the stores, get the product delivered to them, have two employees pick and pack them, and have them sent out around the country. This was a matter of time, money and convenience, and Australia Post was losing out on all three.

The Solution: We knew Australia Post had their printing sorted, so what we needed to do was create a solution that would cut out the middleman and get their retail products delivered as quickly as the mail.
Doculink looked at the problem from a couple of angles but we knew the solution would have to be web-based, user-friendly and fast.
We set to work creating an online catalogue system that would list all the products the retails stores could stock. In implementing the system, we ensured employees in each store would be able to use it and use it effectively.
The catalogue allowed them to order directly from the supplier and have the products delivered to the store. With minimal training, it was put in place allowing the heads of Australia Post to get back to what they do best: keeping the country running.

The Result: The bottom-line result was the streamlining of a process that was breaking down and saving a lot of cost for everyone involved.