The Client: Imagination

The Job: Creating the showroom of the future

The Challenge: Imagination is one of the leaders in brand and visual identity worldwide, and Ford is one of their major clients.

In this particular case, Ford wanted to reinforce their long-term commitment to Australia, and to share a commitment to future growth in the country. They wanted to promote a new fleet of 11 global vehicles to be sold through dealerships until 2017, and show they were already working on new products. 

Ford’s slogan ‘go further’ was to be more than just a slogan – it was to represent a vision for the future.

Imagination’s mission was to create a showroom to be unveiled at Ford’s launch event, a space where Ford could make major announcements about the company moving forward that would capture the ‘imagination’ of all who attended.

The Solution: Never one to shy away from a challenge, Doculink got started creating the right atmosphere for Ford Australia and invited guests. 

The main tent was to be home to this ‘showroom of the future’ where Ford would unveil its new fleet of Australian vehicles. We produced all the graphics, including vinyl lettering, screen board-printed directional signage, massive graphic walls and the addition of the ‘go further’ slogan to all Ford signage across the whole site.

No detail was missed – we also created lanyards, booklets, tent cards and even snack menus, ensuring a consistent message across all aspects of the showroom. 

Not only was the job a massive undertaking for this much-watched event, it was also one cloaked in secrecy. Doculink helped maintain the privacy of Ford’s new product range through our secure printing site and privacy agreements. This ensured no prying eyes were able to leak Ford’s offering to media ahead of time.

The Result: Imagination’s creativity, along with Doculink’s workmanship, created a showroom of the future that got Ford’s engines purring. The launch event was a complete success, revitalising the Ford brand within Australia and generating substantial buzz within the industry.