So who are we?

There are close to three-dozen people who make up the everyday ranks of Doculink, and they’re all as important as each other. 
However, rather than run through them all (and embarrass the shyer folks among us with headshots), here are a few Doculink mainstays who are responsible for seeing your project through from start to solution to finish.  

Our Team

Kim Mitchell

Managing Director

Kim on Linkedin

Kim is one of the most upbeat and passionate people you will ever meet – not to mention, one of the few women in the world to own a print company.

Born and educated in Scotland, Kim’s first position was an internship with the Department of Defence with a focus on publishing, print and photography. After moving to Australia, she well and truly put her stamp on the local print industry as one the foundation team members of the first instant print company in Australia, Pink Panther. Kim was aged 21 when she made National Operations Manager of Pink Panther, then the largest instant print company in the Southern Hemisphere.

As fate would have it, Kim was offered a 50% partnership in a little company called Doculink in 1999, but she decided to buy 100% instead. Under her direction, Doculink has now become one of the most respected, customer-focussed and fun places to work, and Kim has never looked back.

Kim also loves the colour purple, all New Zealand-produced sauvignon blanc, and a spot of gardening if she can ever find the time.

Dan Marshall

Systems and IT

Dan on Linkedin

Dan has been in the printing game pretty much all of his life. As a kid, he’d sit in front of the TV with his family while dad sat with them doing his printing work by hand. But, it wasn't until 1993 that he officially moved into the family business, beginning with bindery work and progressing up through customer service to IT. 

Dan's experience gained him a money-can’t-buy understanding of the industry as a whole, which has seen him hitting home-runs at Doculink for the last four years. His prowess at taking clients’ curly questions and coming up with creative tech solutions has a few other people at Doculink calling him names behind his back – ‘Technology Guru Extraordinaire’ is one of them.

When he’s not thinking about print, Dan is an all-round family man. He hopes to pass on his sense of humour and work ethic to his kids.

David Kershaw

Business Development Manager

David on Linkedin

As the newest ‘kid’ on the Doculink block, David has hit the ground running since joining the company in 2014. He brings with him more years than he would like to admit of print experience....which means he fits right in.

Back in the UK David left school to complete a screen-printing apprenticeship. Once part of the industry, he never looked back, transitioning into offset printing, finishing, pre-press and finally digital print. In 1985, David moved to Australia where he took on the hefty role of production manager at an offset printer in South Melbourne. Since then, he has been involved in all aspects of the business – estimating, sales, production, customer service and invoicing too. He’s even been known to jump in the truck and make deliveries himself.

David also likes to put on his trainers and literally run across the town. His love of running has seen him take on his first half-marathon and, knowing David, you can be sure he’s got a full marathon in his sights.

Glenn Daniel

Account Manager

Glenn on Linkedin

Glenn’s path to the world of print was a roundabout one, but Doculink is glad he made it, and that he brought a wealth of experience with him. 

The real estate industry was where Glenn headed after high school, specifically working in advertising. After 10 years and experiencing – what he calls – “one too many spring seasons” in the job, he moved to Snap Printing, and has been at home in the print industry ever since. 

In the 10 years that followed, Glenn moved from Snap to a smaller printer in Hawthorn where he ran digital printers and finishing equipment while keeping up with customer service duties – almost everything except actually running the print press itself. At Doculink, he still tries his hand at a bit of everything but shines in servicing the accounts of major clients.

Off the clock, Glenn is an outdoorsman, loving his camping and fishing, as well as feeding his obsession for motorbikes and all kinds of motorsport.

Laura Simnett

Account Manager

Laura on Linkedin

The call of the family business was too strong for Laura, so she took up the opportunity to learn firsthand from her mum, Doculink Managing Director Kim Mitchell.

After two years of studying PR and then a further three years of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism and Criminology, Laura did some work for Beyond Blue where she used her writing to help youths suffering with anxiety and depression. Her next opportunity, however – managing client relations as Account Manager at Doculink – was too good to pass up. So was the opportunity to work with her family in a business that her mum has built from scratch.

Laura’s co-workers know only too well about her obsession with great white sharks and crocodiles, so much so they’re sending her swimming with sharks for her birthday. That’s a gift that anyone else might have taken the wrong way but Laura can’t wait for the experience.

Samantha Brown

Customer Service Representative

Samantha on Linkedin

Samantha is someone you’d want by your side if you were ever lost in the desert. She’s also someone you want on your team when you’re looking after customers.

Samantha honed her customer service skills working at Complete Print Solutions for two years before becoming a fun and bubbly member of the Doculink family. Her infectious personality helps immensely with looking after clients and putting a smile on their faces. For Sam, it’s all about continuously building her knowledge base and developing strong customer relationships.

Outside of Doculink, Samantha’s obsession with Bear Grylls means she’s got what it takes to survive, hence why you wouldn’t want to be lost in the desert with anyone but her. But Samantha’s interests are as diverse as she is – she’s equally at home in a theatre indulging in her love of ballet.

Jason Landorf

Sales Director

Jason on Linkedin

It’s hard to list all of Jason’s achievements from across the years with such limited space but, when it comes to sales – trust us – there’s none better.

After completing an apprenticeship in printing in 1995, Jason realised he didn’t like getting his hands dirty and decided to take a different path through his family’s printing company in Adelaide. Convincing his dad to let him try his hand at sales, he hit the road on his own and returned in the afternoon with half a dozen new clients. Needless to say, he stayed in that role. 

Years later, with a swag of clients under his belt, Jason moved with his wife to Melbourne, and Doculink was lucky enough to snag him. As a result, he’s been steadily building Doculink’s client base for the last 10 years. 

At home, Jason’s wife says sport is his number one love but he disagrees, ranking it at a firm number two behind his family. Together, Jason and his wife have travelled extensively through Asia and now their sights are set on Europe.